Brave-Truth-280“Never before has the truth been told in such vivid detail”

This sums up the essence of a new, and inspiring book from Author Geraldine Coy.

A revealing first-hand recollection of the violence, atrocities, and courage of those who dared to speak the truth.

As a member of a Commission of Enquiry that published a report into findings, to seek those responsible for these heinous crimes, Geraldine Coy has finally told her touching and confronting story in a tell all book, on the end of Apartheid in South Africa.

Her family had to flee the country as a result of the report which had identified perpetrators.

“BRAVE TRUTH reveals a first-hand experience at what it was like to live in an apartheid world, and the aftermath that followed it”

A must read for those wanting to explore the depths of the human psyche, both the positives and the negatives. It has great wisdom for leadership and development.

“Geraldine Coy is a powerful communicator who’s message cannot be ignored,  sharing insights and delivering a strong vision for all of humanity.”

The author’s account of the injustices, highlighted what was suspected by many of us living in South Africa at the time. The insight is well documented and gripping. The reader is exposed to the experiences, anguishs and emotions of the victims whom were continually traumatized by the very system and people for which they had voted.

“Brave Truth” encompasses the human spirit and the strong need to believe in truth. I have been inspired by your strength and spirit to tell their story.  Thank you for giving me “the wind beneath my wings” and the understanding that all tasks ahead of me are achievable.   As Nelson Mandela expressed “It always seems impossible until it’s DONE.” 

— Marcelle Kurth    

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