Hay Group Director plays Brave Truth

Our team had the opportunity to play Brave Truth the Game with Geraldine Coy herself as our facilitator. It is amazing how the design of this game enables members of a team to share and respond to matters, which go below the layer of day to day interactions. For our team this led to a fruitful dialogue, at a level we had not reached before. The self directed process and playful nature of the game ensures that the game play stays at a level that is positive for all team members. I strongly recommend Brave Truth the Game to teams of which the members have an ambition to learn more about others, and themselves.

Paul Meijer, Director of Business Solutions Hay Group Pacific


Geraldine - An engaging speaker

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Geraldine Coy speak at my Probus Club (Healesville Ladies). Questions form the floor indicated that interest in her subject was high. I cannot recommend her highly enough as an outstanding speaker and author on the little known power struggles in South Africa after Nelson Mandela came to power and her part in some of the Commission investigations. Geraldine’s book, Brave Truth, gives us an insight into how deep the corruption, fraud and violence was that we in Australia only vaguely heard about and how she had to flee her country after serious death threats to her and her family.

Lucy Nimmo, Secretary of the Probus Club in Healesville

Let's Talk Coaching

Book review by Heiner Karst

With Nelson Mandela’s passing, most of us were reminded of the caliber of once in a century statesmanship that facilitated the creation of a new “rainbow nation” in South Africa. For the first world “apartheid was done” and we could all move on. What this book highlights is how deeply entrenched the depth and complexity of violence and retribution is within poverty stricken communities. While on the surface the “spin” is that a first world constitution and governance structure is in place, the reality is an ever deepening undermining of civic disorder through gangland violence that will stop at nothing to maintain its ugly status quo at the expense of “the pawn in the street”. A moving story bravely written at significant personal cost by a remarkable woman.

Reflections of this past week

Posted December 18, 2013 by Hillsceneblog

With the recent passing of Nelson Mandela, Hillscene invited Geraldine Coy, Author of Brave Truth to reflect on the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the future for South Africa.


Truth & Dare

Published 17 December 2013, www.rubyconnection.com.au

Author Ruby Connection

Deeply disillusioned with the state of leadership globally and locally, Geraldine Coy, a leadership and management expert, took a long hard look at what she knew and had experienced in her life and sat down to write a book, Brave Truth.

From that book an eponymously named board game was also spawned. The game has been embraced by Leadership Victoria for use in its leadership development programs; Melbourne Business School, through its Centre for Ethical Studies, also has it in its sights.


Mornings with Phil Kafcaloudes

Geraldine Coy was a guest on ABC Radio Australia program "Mornings with Phil Kafcaloudes" discussing the history of South Africa and its unknown future after the death of the country's Father and Leader Nelson Mandela.

ABC News 24

Geraldine Coy, Author of Brave Truth and Truth Activist, appeared on ABC NEWS 24 Breakfast discussing the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the future for South Africa.

December 7, 2013

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