Speaker Engagements - Full Day

“Discovering the leadership within your team”

This session includes a personal one on one pre-briefing with Geraldine Coy in order to maximize the message to your team and your organization, to ensure that the participants gain meaningfully from the experience. This full day seminar is informative, inspirational, challenging and highly interactive - it is broken into 4 parts.

Part 1. Lessons from Great leaders

Geraldine takes your team through a time tunnel of leadership, delivering an alternative perspective on influential leaders throughout our history and showcasing their strengths, achievements and style of leadership.

Part 2. Brave Truth

This session digs into truth in the workplace and the power it yields, not only in management but at every touch point in the workplace. We will also look at the purpose in living a truthful life, and the health benefits this brings. This also sets up the participants for the next section.

Part 3. Brave Truth the game

This session is truly interactive as participants play the unique, one of a kind board game, “Brave Truth”. This game creates rapport, compassion, understanding, teamwork, and most of all, trust between players, as unconscious bias becomes tangible and recognizable. The process is safe and encourages maximum participation. It is unique, powerful and character building.

Part 4. Identifying and removing the masks of management

This session will reveal how we all subconsciously wear masks, every minute of every day, and why we need to identify this and either work with them constructively, or remove them from the workplace.

This session will give you tools and techniques, to reveal the real you and return power back to you, to work and lead authentically.

In conclusion, this full day experience is informative, challenging and eye opening. It is about re-discovery of self and interaction within a team. How the leadership team actions will affect engagement of employees and customers alike, are valuable lessons.

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