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Brave Truth Board 200The Brave Truth Experience

The foundation of every effective team relies on communication that is open and trustworthy. Without this, collaboration becomes impossible, and expected results cannot not be achieved, even within the most talented teams.

Part 1. Brave Truth the game

This session is truly interactive as participants play the unique, one of a kind board game, “Brave Truth”. This game creates rapport, compassion, understanding, teamwork, and most all trust between players, as unconscious bias become tangible and recognizable. The process is safe and encourages maximum participation. It is unique, powerful and character building.

Part 2. The debrief

Geraldine facilitates a team discussion, drilling down on what participants have discovered from playing the game. The outcome is a variety of new and powerful skills which can be used in the future to engage others collaboratively and meaningfully within the organization.

The outcome of this day will be a much greater degree of comfort with truth in conversation within the team and the workplace.

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