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Brave-Truth-200Brave Truth - the book

Geraldine tells the story encapsulated by her book, Brave Truth, and shares some of the stories of extraordinary courage shown by ordinary people. Exposing what she experienced first hand, this presentation requires no audio/ visual support, but will captivate and challenge your team. The presentation is flexible and interactive, as a 20-40 minute talk followed by questions.

Breakthrough Conversations in Truth

This workshop is an opportunity for companies looking to unleash the talent in their team(s). It is ideal for teams struggling to come to terms with what is holding them back. Facilitated and driven by Geraldine Coy, building on years of her experience in global mediation and conflict resolution, this session will assist teams to cut through all of the issues which have prevented them from progress. Geraldine uses her knowledge and empathy with the concepts of dignity in truth to rework relationships into truthful and constructive ones.

Beyond Forgiveness – Rebalancing Harmony

This extraordinary insight uses recent events in history to demonstrate truly life-changing transformation through forgiveness. Geraldine’s insights into the foundational tenets of forgiveness, provides a pathway for us all to work through painful events and experiences. Storytelling is seen as a catharsis within the organization/community. Letting go, finally, to move forwards with positive energy. Thinking future, not regretting the past!

“Immensely impactful, and incredibly powerful – a lesson for us all. The world really can be a better place”

– Beyond Forgiving Workshop – Warburton Harmony Festival 2014.

Would you rather Quit than Fail?

“We learn more from failure than from quitting….still, most prefer to avoid shame by quitting!”

This is an extraordinary debate which works through the temptation to quit before we fail. What we could risk losing in learning, experience, knowledge understanding, and above all, resilience. What makes for a resilient team/organisation? What it is to be a strong leader in a learning organization. We can talk a lot about the risk(s). This is a fascinating intervention for teams looking at cultural change from an innovative and completely new perspective.

Growth and Feedback

If you never get any information on how you are doing, you’d assume you were tracking along “OK”. How many times have we all heard that? There are some who have been shocked to learn otherwise, usually when it is too late to repair the damage to the relationship, and that’s really not fair! This is a facilitated conversation about how to face up to the courageous conversation, why it will do both the giver and the receiver a whole heap of good! Avoidance of timely and direct feedback is one of the greatest deficits of leadership today. Understanding the learning which comes from the stretch and tension of uncomfortable truths for both giver and receiver, leads to the development of trust and respect. This is a coaching opportunity for leaders who battle to have those courageous conversations.

Identity and Belonging

Ideal for young leadership (students and high potential graduates). Who am I and where do I fit in? Geraldine’s focus on truth and its value in our lives, helps us to understand where we are in our lives, recognizing strengths. Identity becomes a very different thing to Belonging, which can be places of many different and versatile identities. This conversation deals with judgment, unconscious bias, and the impacts these have on our lives and that of others (including current debates around bullying and peer group pressure). Hugely inspirational, upbeat and hopeful lessons in life from one who has seen a lot of it - and loves it!

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